Tuesday, February 1, 2011

country lovers

1. I do believe there was unspoken rules within this relationship because they had to make sure nobody saw them when they would have walks and show affection to each other. When they went to see each other where they lived, they would make sure that nobody saw one another, and so yes there was unspoken rules in this relationship.
2. id like to say there is a understanding between between them because they both know they had to hide their feelings for each other but never really showed their feelings towards each other until they were teens, thats when they had to sneek around and make sure nobody saw them together and didnt suspect anything.
3. They both knew what was on the line if they were caught together, both would be shunned from society and would probably have to move away.
4. Everything is at stake for her, she is risking her social life, her life at home, and maybe even her life in general. She is not just risking herself, but her baby and husband too.
5. Paulus is risking pretty much his own life, because he might bbe shunned from society as well as his college and his friends and family.
6. Njabulo is risking his social life, everybody will be talking about him saying ''thats the one whose wife was cheating on him with a...."
7. There was no other way, either way they wouldnt be seeing each other anymore, it was illegal and frowned upon with both races.

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